We foster Digital-i-engineers with creative research capabilities.
We aim to produce Digital-i-engineers who will not only have a sound theoretical foundation, but who will also have plenty of hands-on experience designing and developing circuits, systems, and products. Our program endeavors to guide these individuals to identify, understand, develop, and transfer critical technologies, and to thereby improve their capabilities as they enter a globally competitive marketplace. The program is thus designed to meet the emerging needs of modern engineers in industry, research, and educational establishments.
who can analyze and solve engineering problems, equipped with a strong foundation of basic knowledge and the tools of math and engineering science.
who can apply theoretical knowledge combined with practical hands-on training to the convergence of electronic engineering, and who can perform a vital role as a team member in an organization.
who can actively participate in developing the new technologies of the future.
who will have the creative ability to plan and perform experiments and to develop systems, elements and processes.
who can continue their lifelong education.
who has developed a culture of understanding regarding world economy, the environment, and social phenomenon, and who can fulfill the occupational and ethical responsibility to cooperate with and to serve the society.
Department of Electronic Engineering? Convergence in Electronics
Our Educational Strategy
Design and introduce new courses in various fields to meet presentday challenges, and encourage the participation of the industries in those fields in order to benefit from their advanced knowledge and skills
Implement a set of creative and comprehensive courses that reflect the technologies which are in demand in industry.
Manage a comprehensive undergraduate/graduate curriculum through a combination of related courses in order to develop an expertise in the convergence of applications.
Encourage field training through an internship program.
Encourage graduates to continue their higher education through research programs.
Our Research Strategy
Inspire joint research within the various Information Technology areas
Inspire joint research among other special areas such as Nano, Bio, and Green Technologies.
Apply the results emerging from this convergence of research fields.
Our Strategy to Promote the Convergence of Technologies
Introduce our converged technologies into the next generation of mobile phones, wireless communication devices, semiconductors, embedded systems, and IT systems used in automobiles.
Develop the technologies required by industry today into those which will be needed in the field tomorrow.