Research areas Laboratory Professor Homepage E-mail
Super Connectivity Wireless Systems Laboratory Sun-woo Kim
Microwave Engineering Laboratory Hyeong-dong Kim
Communication System Laboratory Hi-Chan Moon
Systems on New Integrated Circuits Laboratory Ic-khyun Song
Coding and Communications Research Laboratory Dong-Joon Shin
Convergence Communications Laboratory Sung-Kwon Park
Mobile and Space Communications Laboratory Dong-Weon Yoon
RFIC and Antenna Laboratory Tae-Yeoul Yun
Applied Electromagnetic Technology Laboratory Kyung-Young Jung
Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory Jae-Il Jung
Antennas and RF Devices Laboratory Jae-Hoon Choi
Information &Intelligence Systems Laboratory Song-Nam Hong
Smart Device Display Device Laboratory Jae-Hoon Kim
Nano Quantum Electronics Laboratory Tae-Whan Kim
Low Dimension Semiconductor Materials and Device Laboratory Wan-Jun Park
Advanced Semiconductor Material Device Development Center Jea-Gun Park
Innovative Compound Semiconductors & Applications LAB Jin-Sub Park
Intelligent Semiconductor System Laboratory Yun-Heub Song
Novel Display Laboratory Chang-Jae Yu
Nanoelectronic Devices Laboratory Seung-Beck Lee
Semconductor, Nano Device Laboratory Jae-Kyeong Jeong
Flexible Electronic Device Laboratory Yei-Hwan Jung
Intelligent Information Processing IoT & Embedded Software Laboratory Ho-keun Kim
Human and Robot Lab yoon-seon oh
Neuro-inspired Artificial Intelligence Lab Ki-Jung Yoon
Speech, Acoustics, Audio Signal Processing Laboratory Joon-Hyuk Chang
Image Communication and Signal Processing Laboratory Je-Chang Jeong
Embedded Wireless Communications Laboratory Sung-Ho Cho
Communication Signal Processing Laboratory Seung-Won Choi
Visual Computing Lab Je-Hyeong Hong
Intelligent Hardware Embedded Security System Laboratory Dong-Kyue Kim
Wireless Communications Laboratory Sang-Kyu Park
Embedded and Network Computing Laboratory Yong-Ho Song
Embedded System-on-Chip Laboratory Ki-Seok Chung
System IC Laboratory Byong-Deok Choi
Artificial Intelligence Algorithm and Hardware Jung-wook Choi
Circuit Design and Automation Laboratory (AutoCircuit) Jae-Duk Han
iSoC Laboratory Jae-myung Lim
Smart Healthcare Technology Nano Bio Tech Laboratory Sun-Jeong Kim
Neural Information Systems Laboratory Anmo J. Kim
Applied Bioelectronics Laboratory Hyoungseok Yoo
Computational Neuro Image Analysis Laboratory Jong MIn Lee
Computational Neuro Engineering Laboratory Chang-Hwan Im
micro.nanoEngineering Laboratory Sungyong Choi
Biomedical Circuit & System Laboratory Byung-Hun Lee