FACULTY Professor
System IC Laboratory
Byong-Deok Choi Professor

Electronic Circuit Design I&II, Introduction to Information Engineering, Display Driver Design

Discrete-Time Digital Processing etc.

Ph.D., Hanyang University, Korea
2010 ~ Present Associate Professor of Department of
Electronic Engineering, Hanyang University
2005 ~ 2010 Assistant Professor of Department of
Electronic Engineering, Hanyang University
2001 ~ 2005 Senior Research Engineer, System IC R&D
Center, LG Electroncis.



System IC Laboratory

1. Display Electronics
- Low-area driving circuits for high-imagequality flat panel
- Low-power, high-speed driving circuits for 3-D displays
- Driving methods and circuits for AMOLEDs
- TFT circuit design for flexible displays and electronics
2. IPower Management Circuits
- High-efficiency DC-DC converter
- Low-noise, high-efficiency PFM Buck DC-DC converter
- Capacitor-less Low Drop-out regulator (LDO)
3. Sensor Interface Circuits
- Read-out circuit design for CMOS image sensors
- Read-out circuit design for In-cell type touch screen panel
4. Cryptographic Circuits for Security Applications
- Design methodology for protecting security ICs from
external physical attacks
- ID generation methods for chips based on the semiconductor

5. Bio-Medical Circuit and System
- Read-out circuits for bio-mimetic tactile sensor system
- Neural stimulator for human brain perception


Analog and Mixed-Mode Circuit, Power Management Circuit,
Display Driver Circuit, Cryptographic Circuit for Security, Low-
Noise and Low-Power Circuit for Bio-Medical Applications