FACULTY Professor
Embedded Security System Laboratory
Dong-Kyue Kim Professor

Data Structures, Algorithm, DIGITAL LOGIC DESIGN

Security SoC Design, SmartCard System Development and Application, Encryption Algorithm, Embedded Security System, Special Topics in Information Security, Introduction to Information Assurance

Ph.D., Seoul National University, Korea
2012 ~ Present Executive Director of Semiconductor Society,
The Institute of Electronic Engineers of Korea
2011 ~ Present Advisor member, The Bank of Korea
2011 ~ 2012 Vice President, Korea Multimedia Society
2009 ~ Present Executive Director, Korea Information
Processing Society
2007 ~ Present Executive Director, The Korea Institute of
Information Security and Cryptography
2006 ~ Present Professor of Department of Electronic
Engineering, Hanyang University
1999 ~ 2006 Assistant professor of Department of Information
and Computer Engineering, Pusan National University



Embedded Security System


1. Security SoC Design
- Crypto system design
- Hardware implementation of crypto-graphic system
- FPGA and ASIC simulation
2. Physical Unclonable Function
- Random value circuit design produced by the same circuit
and process
- Circuit design taking permanent random value after manufacturing
3. Mobile Payment
- New USIM-based mobile payment system
- Prototype and standard about payment terminal, protocol
and payment process.
4. DPA Attack Countermeasure
- Research of countermeasures against DPA attacks
- Constant and random power consumption circuit design
during operations

5. GPGPU Parallel Processing
- Parallel processing implementation of symmetric key
- Parallel processing implementation of matching algorithm


Security SoC Design, Physical Unclonable Function, Mobile
Payment, DPA Attack Countermeasure, GPGPU parallel process