FACULTY Professor
Radar Computing Laboratory
Sung-Ho Cho Professor

Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing I & II, Probability

Advanced Signal Processing, Probability and Random Processes

Ph.D., University of Utah, USA
2015.8 ~ Present Dean, College of Engineering, Division II
2013.8 ~ 2015.7 Vice Dean, College of Engineering
2008.10 ~ 2014.2 Director, Research Center for RFID/Communications Technologies
2008.1 ~ Present High-level Visiting Scientist Fellowship (111客座科學家)
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), China
1992.9 ~ Present Professor at Hanyang University
1989.8 ~ 1992.8 Senior Researcher at ETRI, Korea



Radar Computing


1. Embedded Wireless Communications
- Signal Processing for Wireless Communications
- Design of Embedded Wireless Communication Systems
- Wireless Network Protocols
- ARM/DSP/FPGA Implementations
2. IR-UWB Radar Systems
- Ranging & Positioning for Multiple Targets
- Signal Processing for Context Awareness
- Signal Processing for Crowdedness Measurements
- Signal Processing for Vital Sign Monitoring (u-Healthcare)
- Signal Processing for Smart Cars
- Smart Phone Connectivity
3. Internet of Things (IoT) and Mobile Sensor Network
- IoT Networking and Communication Protocols
- Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication Protocols
- Smart Environments
- Vertical Routing
- Large-Scale and Real-Time MAC for Sensor Networks
4. Wireless Power Transfer System
- Efficient Energy Management of Charging Devices
- Power Control Protocols for Multiple Devices Environments


Embedded Wireless Communications, Digital Signal
Processing, ARM/DSP/FPGA System Design,
IR-UWB Radar Systems, Internet of Things, M2M/D2D
Protocols, Smart Environments, Power Control in Wireless
Power Transfer