FACULTY Professor
Image Communication and Signal Processing Laboratory
Je-Chang Jeong Professor

Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Multimedia System etc.

Multimedia Communication, Video Coding

Ph.D., University of Michigan, USA
2012 ~ Present Member, The National Academy of
Engineering of Korea
2012 ~ Present President, The Korean Society of Broadcast
2011 “Green Stripes of Service Merit”, Korea
1998 ~ 2000 Consultant, Handan BroadInfoCom
1998 “Research Scientist of the Month”, Ministry
of Science and Technology, KOREA.
1991 ~ 1995 Senior Researcher, Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
1990 ~ 1991 Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Univ. of
1986 ~ 1990 Teaching and Research Assistant, University
of Michigan
1982 ~ 1986 Research Fellow, Korean Broadcasting System



Image Communication and Signal

Processing Laboratory

1. Next Generation Video Codec
- Optimization of prediction candidates in intra prediction
- Optimization and low complexity of inter prediction algorithm
- Studying for deblocking filter in high efficiency
2. Development of the Video Compression Technology and
Server in Digital Cinema
- Analysis of requirements in digital cinema and study for
compression technology
- Analysis of 1, 2, 3, 4k resolution’ video subjective quality
- Development of streaming service and model using H.264/
AVC’s SVC (Scalable Video Coding)
3. Multi View Video Coding
- Proposal for a new direct mode in multi view video coding
- Development of edge preserving algorithm and asymmetric
encoding considering human 3D recognition system
- Studying optimized human factor according to a video quality
4. Multimedia Codec Parallelization and Final processing IP Design
- Analysis of main functions’ complexity in video codec
- Optimization of operations using SIMD
- Development of the parallelization of block unit using 2D-Wave


Video Coding, Image Processing, Multimedia System