FACULTY Professor
Speech, Acoustics, Audio Signal Processing Laboratory
Joon-Hyuk Chang HYU Research Distinguished Professor

Probability and Random Processes, Signals and Systems

Discrete-Time Digital Processing etc.

Ph.D., Seoul National University, Korea
2017 ~ Present Hanyang University, Full Prof.
2010 ~ Present ASK, Journal editorial writer
2009 ~ Present KICS, Signal processing research society
2009 ~ Present Korea Society of Speech Sciences,
cooperation director
2011 ~ 2017 Hanyang University, Associate Prof.
2008 ~ 2011 Inha University, BK21 core business team
2005 ~ 2011 Inha University, Assistant Prof.
2005 KIST, Research Scientist
2000 ~ 2004 Netdus Corp., Chief Engineer
2004 ~ 2005 Postdoc Fellow, University of California,
Santa Barbara



Speech, Acoustics, Audio Signal

Processing Laboratory

1. Speech Signal Processing
- Statistical modeling of speech signal
- Voice activity detection
- Preprocessing of standard codec for quality
of speech and audio signal
- Single/dual channel noise suppression
- Robust speech recognition
2. Acoustics Signal Processing
- Computational auditory scene analysis
- Acoustic echo cancellation/suppression
- Acoustic sound classification
- Bioacoustics
- Perceptual relevant measures of speech and audio quality/
3. Audio Signal Processing
- MPEG AAC codec, enhanced AAC codec
- MP3 codec
- Speech/music classification
- Music search
4. Digital Signal Processing
- Multimodal signal processing
- Biomedical signal detection using multimodality
- Epileptic seizure detection and classification
using EEG signal
- Blood pressure measurement and estimation


Speech, Acoustics, Audio Signal Processing