FACULTY Emeritus Professor
Image Engineering Laboratory
Whoi-Yul Kim Emeritus Professor

Data Structure, Image Processing, Numerical Analysis

Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition

Ph.D., Purdue University, USA
2015.3 ~ 2016.8 Director of LINC Project, Hanyang Univ.
2015.3 ~ 2016.2 Provost & Senior Vice President, Hanyang Univ.
Dean of Graduate school, Hanyang Univ.
Director of Volunteering Corps, Hanyang Univ.
2015.9 Commendation by Minister of Education for Industry-University
Collaboration of Innovative Technology Show
2013.5 ~ 2015.5 Medical Device Expert, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
2011.8 ~ 2015.2 President of Information and Communications, Hanyang Univ.
2011.4 Technical Forum Consultant, Hyundai MOBIS R&D Center
2010.11 ~ 2012.10 R&D Consultant, Seoul Metropolitian Rapid Transit Corporation
2010.9 Commendation by Prime Minister for Technical Innovation of Small and
Medium Industry
2009.3 ~ 2011.2 Head, Dept. of Electronics & Communications Engineering,
Hanyang Univ.
2000.3 ~ 2002.7 Director, Center of Information and Communications,
Hanyang Univ.
1994.3 ~ Present Professor, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Hanyang Univ.
1989.9 ~ 1994.2 Univ. of Texas at Dallas, Assistant Professor, Univ. of Texas



Image Engineering Laboratory

1. Object Pattern Recognition
- Face/Eye detection
- Face recognition
- Fast pupil detection for mobile devices
- Measuring bone age
- Various inspection devices

2. Intelligent Surveillance
- People Counting
- Tracking moving objects
- Automated object classification
- Intrusion detection
- Loitering object detection
- Unattended object detection
3. Human Computer Interaction
- Remote Eye gaze tracking
- Gesture Recognition
4. Intelligent Vehicle
- Forward collision warning system
- Lane departure warning
- Pedestrian detection and collision warning system
- Autonomous vehicle


Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Robot Vision, 2D/3D Vision
systems, Surveillance Systems, Pattern Recognition, Object
Recognition, 3D Display, Intelligent vehicle