FACULTY Professor
Nanoelectronic Devices Laboratory
Seung-Beck Lee Professor

Semiconductor Devices, Semiconductor Device Processing, Solid-State Electronics, Introduction to Bioelectronics, Modern Physics

Electron Beam Lithography, Electron Optics, Design and Fabrication of Nanoscale Devices, Application of Nanomaterials to Electronic Device

Ph.D., University of Cambridge, UK
2011.3 ~ Present Deputy Head of Department, Dept. of
Electronic Engineering
2009.3 ~ Present Associate Prof. Dept. of Electronic
Engineering, Hanyang University
2005.3 ~ 2009.2 Assistant Prof. Dept. of Electronic
Engineering, Hanyang University
2003.3 ~ 2005.2 Full time lecturer, Dept. of Nanotechnology,
Hanyang University
2000.11 ~ 2003.2 Research Associate, Cavendish Laboratory,
University of Cambirdge



Nanoelectronic Devices Laboratory

1. Biomimetic Tactile Sensors Enabled by Nanotube Networks
- Biomimetic tactile sensors will realize quantitative analysis
of surface tactile textures which have never been possible
before. The sensor incorporates highly sensitive pressure
sensors that senses the vibration transferred from the
artificial fingerprint structures making possible analysis of
tactile contact information, which may lead to
- Quantitative classification of tactile sensation
- Humanistic haptic feedback
2. On-chip Microfluidic Cell Sorting & Capture
- Cell sorting microfluidic devices have normally been
fabricated on glass substrates. Here, we have developed a
method to incorporated microfluidcs on top of an insulated Si
substrates allowing application to
- On-chip circulating tumor cell (CTC) capture
- On-chip microfluidic cell culture and analysis.
3. Vertically Integrated 3D Silicon Memory
- For further integration of memory, 3D memory structures
have been proposed. Our interest is in reducing distribution
due to polysilicon and devise new 3D memory structures. The
related research topics are
- 3D NAND Flash for beyond Tbit storage
- 3D integrated DRAM structure research


Electronic device application of natural and synthetic