FACULTY Professor
Novel Display Laboratory
Chang-Jae Yu Professor

Introduction to Information Display, Electromagnetism, Modern Physics, Color Engineering

Physics of Liquid Crystals, Color Engineering

Ph.D., Seoul National University, Korea
2014 ~ present Editorial director of Korea information display society
2011 ~ 2012 Editor of Korea information display society
2011 ~ 2012 Editor of optical society of Korea
2011 ~ present Head professor of department of information display engineering, Hanyang university
2007 ~ present Associate professor of department of electronic engineering, Hanyang university
2006 ~ 2007 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign post-doc
2005 ~ 2006 Research fellow of department of semiconductor joint research institute, Seoul national university.
2005 Lecturer at Hanyang university and Sejong university



Novel Display Laboratory

1. Microlens Devices
- Principle and fabrication of microlens devices by using
various methods
- Optical devices with dual focusing of microlens array
- Fresnel lens by using Electrohydrodynamic (EHD)
2. 3D Display
- Patterned retarder film and 3D device based on that.
- 3D LC display with single polarizer.
- Stereoscopic 3D display with Cholesteric liquid crystal
3. Enhancement of Electro-Optical Performances of Display
- Enhancement of LC mode By using reactive mesogen
- Development of LC mode with high transmittance
- Development of LC mode with wide viewing angle
4. Organic Devices
- Organic TFT based on pentacene
- Correlation between molecular alignment layer and performance
of OTFT device.
- Development of fabrication method of high performance OTFT
by using Gate insulator mixture
- Enhancement of OTFT performances by hybrid insulator

5. Flexible Display
- Flexible BCSN display mode
- Stabilized Structure of Flexible display
- Flexible e-paper


Display Device, Organic TFT, flexible LCD, Microlens Devices