FACULTY Professor
Low Dimension Semiconductor Materials and Device Laboratory
Wan-Jun Park Professor

Semiconductor Physics, VLSI fabrication, Electromagnetism

Solid State Physics, Spin Electronics

Ph.D., University of Utah, USA
2007 ~ Present Professor, Hanyang University
1999 ~ 2007 Samsung electronics
1997 ~ 1999 Michigan state university, Post Doc.
1988 ~ 1992 LG electronics co.



Low Dimension Semiconductor

Materials and Device Laboratory

1. Spin Electronics
- Process parameter monitoring to improve characteristics of MTJ cell
- Perpendicular magnetization characteristics of magnetic thin
film materials
- Thin film fabrication for MPP characteristic realization
- Programmable nonvolatile spin logic device
2. Graphene / Nanotube
- High quality graphene growth and graphene transfer
- Fabrication of graphene transistor and its characteristics
analysis for realization of high speed device
- Logic circuit design using CNT
- ab-initio calculation of graphene nanoribbon
3. Bio-Sensor
- Charge transfer sensing FET for diagnosis of Circuit Cancer
Stem Cell (CCSC)
- Analysis of graphene/CNT surface
- Research for reforming of graphene/CNT surface
- Fabrication of resistance variation-sensitive bio-sensor
4. Tactile Sensor
- Research on mechanical characteristics of nano- materials
- Tactile sensor based on nano-structure
- Neuromorphic device/architecture


Nano-scale devices for electronic and bio-sensor applications
with various kinds of nanomaterials, Device scaling in VLSI
technology and spin electronics for non-volatile memory and
logic architecture, Neuromorphic device/architecture