FACULTY Professor
Coding and Communications Research Laboratory
Dong-Joon Shin Professor

Coding Theory, Linear Algebra, Communication Systems

Information Theory, Channel Coding, Algebraic Coding Theory

Ph.D., University of Southern California (USC), USA
2000 ~ Present Professor of Dept. of Electronic Eng., Hanyang
1999 ~ 2000 Member of Technical Staff, Hughes Network
Systems, Germantown, MD, USA
1999 ~ Research Associate at USC



Coding and Communications

Research Laboratory

1. Memory Signal Processing
- LDPC codes, Turbo codes, and concatenated codes for NAND
Flash memories
- Channel equalization techniques to reduce the intercell
interference in NAND Flash memories
- Signal processing techniques for the next-generation
(non-volatile) memories
2. Communication Signal Processing
- Low-complexity and highly reliable error-correcting and
MIMO schemes for 4G and B4G systems
- PAPR reduction schemes for OFDM and OFDMA systems
- Cooperative schemes using MIMO and ECC at relay(s)
- Interference cancellation / alignment schemes
3. Radar Signal Processing
- OFDM radar signals to cover wide range of location and speed
of targets
- Efficient modeling of clutter and multi-path environments for
acquiring and tracking fast and small target(s)
- Radar techniques to avoid and mitigate the multi-path
interference occurred from various environments


Design and Analysis of Digital/Mobile/Satellite Communication
Systems, Signal Processing Techniques for Communication and
Storage Systems, Multiple Antenna Schemes, Network Coding,
Error Correcting Codes