FACULTY Professor
Advanced Semiconductor Material Device Development Center
Jea-Gun Park HYU Distinguished Professor

The Physics of Solid State Electronics, Advanced Semiconductors, Semiconductor Fabrication, Capstone Design

Nano Semiconductor Process, Nano-scale Semiconductor Seminar

Ph.D., Carolina State University, USA
2011 ~ Present Distinguished Professor, Hanyang University
2010 ~ Present Regular member of The Korean Academy of
Science Technology
2009 ~ Present Committee member of Council of Intellectual
Property, National Academy
Engineering of Korea
2008 ~ 2011 President of Industry-University Cooperation
Foundation, Dean of University Research of
Hanyang University, Head of Hanyang
Institute of Technology, Hanyang University
2008 ~ Present Dean of Department of Nanoscale
Semiconductor Engineering, Hanyang University
2008 ~ Present Candidate member of National Academy of
Engineering, Korea
2004 ~ 2011 Chief Director of National Program for
Terabit Non-volatile Memory
Development Sponsored by MKE
1999 ~ Present Professor of Department of Electronic



Advanced Semiconductor Material

Device Development Center

1. NVM
? Mobile Flexible Organic Memory
? 3Dimesional Cross-bar Organic Resistance Memory
? Small-molecule Rectified 1 Resistance Memory
2. Capacitorless Memory DRAM Cell
? Capacitor-less memory cell design base on silicon-on-insulator
? Multi-level capacitor-less memory cell base on silicon-on-insulator
3. Relaxed SiGe-on- Insulator (GOI-like) n-MOSFET
? High mobility n-MOSFET base on SiGe-on-insulator and Ge channel
? Energy band design of high performance Ge-on-insulator
4. Research on The Nano Abrasive CMP slurry
? Research on the CMP slurry for phase change material (GeSbTe)
? Research on the CMP slurry for metal electrode (Ru and Ta) of STT-MRAM
? Research on the CMP slurry for metal interconnect (W and Cu)
? Research on the CMP slurry for silicon and silicon carbide

5. Organic C-MOS Image Sensor
? High-resolution CMOS image sensor cell with green sensitive
organic photodiode
? Research of green sensitive organic layer as a photodiode
6. Organic Solar Cell
? Development of high efficiency wide absorption organic
photovoltaic considering with effect of surface plasmon
? Development of Organic, inorganic hybrid solar cell
7. Silicon Solar Cell
? Effects of Metal Contamination on PCE Degradation for
Silicon Solar Cell
? Nano-Silicon-Wired & Nano-Silicon-Pillar Solar Cell


Nano Strained Si Insulator C-MOSFET, Capless Memory, Oxide-
TFT, nano CMP slurry, Perpendicular
STT-MRAM, flexible polymer memory,
organic image-sensor, flexible organic
solar cell, nano-wired Si solar cell, sapphire