FACULTY Professor
Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory
Jae-Il Jung Professor

Data Communications, Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Probability and Statistics

Computer Networks

Ph.D., ENST Paris, France
2012 ~ Present Chairman, Digital Signage Standard Forum
2010 ~ Present Vice Chairman, Korea Institute of Information
Security and Cryptology
1997 ~ Present Professor, Hanyang Univ.
1993 Research Scientist, ENST Paris
1984 ~ 1997 Senior Researcher, R&D Center, KT



Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory

1. VANET, MANET and V2X Communication
- VANET (Vehicular ad-hoc network) and MANET (Mobile adhoc
network) Technology and Systems
- MAC Protocols
- Networking Protocols
- Security in Communications
- V2X (V2V, V2I, V2N) Communications
- V2X Network Simulator (Qualnet, OPNET, etc)
2. Vehicle Embedded Platform for Vehicle-IT Integration
- Embedded Systems based on Embedded Linux, OSEK
- In-Vehicle Networking (CAN, MOST, Flexray, IDB1394, etc)
- Integrated Gateway System for Vehicular Network
- Open Platform Technology (AUTOSAR, etc)
3. Future Internet QoS and Security
- Future Internet
- QoS Control for MoIP (Multimedia over IP) Service
- Network Security
4. Modeling and Analysis of Military Network
- Performance Analysis for Network Centric Warfare (Modeling
& Simulation with Qualnet, OPNET)
- Analysis of End-to-End Behavior


Computer Networks, Vehicle-IT, Mobile and Wireless Networks