FACULTY Professor
Mobile and Space Communications Laboratory
Dong-Weon Yoon Professor

Random Process, Communication Systems, Wireless Communications

Next Generation Wireless Communications, Advanced Digital Communications, Special Topic in Communication Systems

Ph.D., Hanyang University, Korea
2015.10 ~ Present Director, Signal Intelligence Research Center
2011.3 ~ 2013.2 Department Chair, Hanyang University
2008.6 ~ 2013.3 Director, National Space Lab
2004.3 ~ Present Professor, Hanyang University
2002.11 ~ 2005.12 Invited Researcher, ETRI
2001.1 ~ 2002.1 Visiting Scholar, Pennsylvania State University
1997.9 ~ 2004.2 Associate Professor, Daejeon University
1995.3 ~ 1997.8 Assistant Professor, Dongseo University
1989.2 Summa cum laude, Hanyang University



Mobile and Space Communications


1. Digital Broadcating and Wireless Mobile Communication
- New modulation/demodulation techniques
- High order modulation schemes
- Optimum bits-to-symbol mapping and signal constellation
- MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) techniques
2. Military Communications
-  Agile pattern generation
- Spread spectrum and high anti-jamming communications
- Signal processing for parameter variable radar
3. Satellite and Space Communications
- Deep space communications system
- Improvement of transmission efficiency of satellite broadcasting and communication system
- Algorithms for low power operation and optimal performance

- FPGA implementation
4. IT-Automobile Convergence Technology
- D to D sensor network communications
- The reconstruction algorithms for real-time malfunction
- Intelligent automobile communication system


Digital Communications Theory and Systems, Wireless
Communications, New Modulation/Demodulation Techniques,

Satellite and Space Communications, Military Communications,

ITS, Signal Intelligence