FACULTY Emeritus Professor
SoC & Wireless Location Laboratory
Jong-Wha Chong Emeritus Professor

Integrated Circuits System Design


Ph.D., Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
2009 ~ Present President of IKEEE (Institute of Korean
Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
2008 ~ Present Honorary president of IEEK
(Institute of Electronics Engineering of Korea)
2008 ~ Present Visiting Professor of Waseda Univ., Japan
2006 ~ Present Guest Professor in the College of Physical
Science and Technology of Huazhong Normal
Univ., China
1981 ~ Present Professor, School of Electronics and
Communication Eng., Hanyang Univ.,
Seoul, Korea



SoC & Wireless Location Laboratory

1. SoC Methodology
- Floorplan tool development
- Block level floor plan engine - TSV placement
- Routing congestion aware design
- Routing congestion estimation using probabilistic model
- Floorplan optimization for minimizing routing congestion
- Voltage drop aware design
- Power bump and TSV placement for solving voltage drop problem
- Multimedia DTV SoC platform design
- H/W platform implementation for next generation multimedia DTV
2. Image Processing & Power IT
- Image signal processing algorithm design
- Anti-shaking algorithm which is funded by Hynix Semiconductor
- Image quality assessment algorithm implementation
- Hardware implementation by verilog HDL and certified in a
FPGA-based platform development
- H.264 codec implementation
- IEC 61850 standard implementation
- IEC 61850 communication stack library and network
processor implementation
3. Wireless Location
- Baseband modem algorithm design and implementation
- Tx/Rx chirp spread spectrum (CSS) modem implementation
- Low complexity SoC design of CSS modem
- Real-time localization algorithm and system development
- Two-way ranging protocol implementation
- TOA-based indoor/outdoor localization using FPGA based
development kit


MPSoC Design Methodology, Low Power Design, Wireless
Ranging/Positioning System, Location
Based Service, Image Processing and
Video Coding, IEC 61850