FACULTY Emeritus Professor
Intelligence and Control for Robots Laboratory
Il-Hong Suh Emeritus Professor

Random Variable, Control Engineering

Computational Intelligence Theory, Probabilistic Intelligence, Special Topics on Intelligent Systems

Ph.D., KAIST, Korea
2016.1 ~ Present Fellow, IEEE
2015.3 ~ Present President, Brain Engineering Society of Korea
2013.10 ~ Present Professor, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Hanyang University
2013.1 ~ Present Senior Member, NAEK
2010.6 ~ Present Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Intelligent Service Robotics (Springer)
2010.6 ~ 2014.6 Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Robotics
2009.5 ~ Present Leader, National Robotics-Specialized Education Consortium (RoSEC)
2008 President, Korea Robotics Society
2000.3 ~ 2010.9 Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Hanyang University
1985.3 ~ 2000.2 Professor, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Hanyang University (Erica)



Intelligence and Control for Robots


1. Planning
-  Reactive Planning: Planning by situated selections of embodied
- Proactive Planning: Planning of required actions by predicting
coming situations
- Improvisational Planning: Planning of alternatives in
unexpected situations using local information
2. Manipulation
- Skill learning by imitation: Learning complex and precise
human-level manipulation skills
- Autonomous primitive skill learning: Autonomous learning of
basis skills in given tasks
- Grammaticalization: Techniques allowing reuse of the learned
basis skills in various ways, as words in languages
3. Navigation
- Line-based indoor SLAM: SLAM using straight lines in
manmade environments
- Navigation imitating humans: Localization, Path integration,
Reorientation by scenes
- Semantic SLAM: Mapping by integrating topology and
4. Recognition
- Hierarchical, Interactive Recognition and Segmentation
- Neo-cortex theory based primitive feature extraction:
Oriented Edge-Selective Band-Pass Filtering
- Neo-cortex theory based object segmentation


Cognitive robotics and control