FACULTY Emeritus Professor
Wireless Communications Laboratory
Sang-Kyu Park Emeritus Professor

Random Process, Communication Systems, Digital Communications.

Communication Theory, Spread Spectrum Communication System, Statistical Communication Theory, Digital Signal Processing, Mobile Communication Systems, Wireless Communication Systems

Ph.D., University of Michigan, USA
2006 ~ 2008 Director, Hanyang Univ. Office of Information
and Communications
2001 ~ 2003 Vice President, Korea Institute of Information
Security and Cryptology
1998 ~ 2006 Director, Korea Institute of Communications
and Information Sciences
1994 ~ 1997 Director, Korea Communications Agency
1993 ~ 1999 Technical Advisor, S-1 Corporation
2017 ~ Present Professor Emeritus, Hanyang Univ.
1987 ~ 2016 Professor, Hanyang Univ.



Wireless Communications Laboratory

- Integer frequency offset estimation
- New PAPR reduction scheme
- Low computational complexity of PAPR reduction schemes
- New constellation mapping scheme for OFDM
- Low computational complexity for fast antenna selection
- New uplink multiuser detection scheme
-SEC (Switched Examine-Combining)/MRC (MaximalRatio
Combining) scheme
3. Co-operative Relay
- Fixed relay transmission technology for 4G cellular network
- Relay transmission scheme in 3GPP LTE system
- Cell capacity maximization in cellular system using co-operative relay
4. ITS / Telematics
- Performance improvement between OBU (On Board Unit)
and RSE (Road Side Equipment)
-Performance analysis of V2V (Vehicle To Vehicle) / V2I (Vehicle
To Instrument) throughput
-Performance analysis ofUWB (Ultra Wide Band) and wireless
USB (Universal Serial Bus)
-Low cost design technique for wireless USB
5. LTE
- Development of channel estimation algorithm simulator for
3GPP LTE downlink
- Measurement of mean square error for 3GPP LTE downlink
-Throughput for 3GPP LTE system
-Interference cancellation scheme


LTE-Advanced, Mobile WiMAX, MIMO-OFDM, Co-operative relay,
Bluetooth and UWB in Vehicular Communication