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Research Area Laboratory Professor Homepage Contact
Semiconductor/Display Intergrated Electronics Laboratory Oh-Kyong Kwon +82-2-2220-0359
Display Device Laboratory Jae-Hoon Kim +82-2-2220-0343
Nano Quantum Electronics Laboratory Tae Whan Kim +82-2-2220-0354
Semiconductro Material & Devices Laboratory Wan-Jun Park +82-2-2220-4315
Nano SOI Process Laboratory Jea-Gun Park +82-2-2220-0234
Advanced Compound
Semiconductor Optoelectronics Laboratory
Jinsub Park +82-2-2220-2318
Intelligent Semiconductor System
Yun-Heub Song +82-2-2220-4135
Novel Display Laboratory Chang-Jae Yu +82-2-2220-2314
Nanoelectronic Devices Laboratory Seung-Beck Lee +82-2-2220-1676
System IC Laboratory Byong-Deok Choi +82-2-2220-2311
Semiconductor and Nano Device Lab Jae Kyeong Jeong +82-2-2220-0360
Signal Processing
Wireless Systems Laboratory Sunwoo Kim +82-2-2220-4823
Image Engineering Laboratory Whoi-Yul Kim +82-2-2220-0351
Signal Processing & Control Laboratory Sang-Won Nam +82-2-2220-0346
Communication System Laboratory Hi-Chan Moon +82-2-2220-0357
Convergence Communications Laboratory Sung-Kwon Park +82-2-2220-0367
Intelligence & Control for Robots Laboratory Il-Hong Suh +82-2-2281-3832
Coding & Communications Research Laboratory Dong-Joon Shin +82-2-2220-0353
Neuro-inspired Artificial Intelligence Lab KiJung Yoon +82-2-2220-2351
Mobile & Space Communications Laboratory Dongweon Yoon +82-2-2220-0362
Ubiquitous Communication Research Laboratory Sang-Sun Lee +82-2-2299-0372
Speech/Acoustics/Audio Signal Processing Laboratory Joon-Hyuk Chang +82-2-2220-0355
Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory Jae-Il Jung +82-2-2220-0352
Optical Communication & Digital System Design Laboratory Je-Myung Jeong +82-2-2220-0374
Image Communication & Signal Processing Laboratory Je-Chang Jeong +82-2-2220-0369
Information &Intelligence Systems Laboratory Song Nam Hong +82-2-2220-0360
Embedded Wireless Communication Laboratory Sung Ho Cho +82-2-2220-0390
Communication Signal Processing Laboratory Seung-Won Choi +82-2-2220-0366
SoC/Embedded System Embedded Security System Laboratory Dong Kyue Kim +82-2-2220-4926
Embedded and Network Computing Laboratory Yong-Ho Song +82-2-2220-4987
Intergrated Circuits Laboratory Chang-Sik Yoo +82-2-2297-0361
Embedded System on Chip Laboratory Ki-Seok Chung +82-2-2220-4701
Circuits & Systems Laboratory Sang-Gyu Park +82-2-2220-0375
Circuit Design and Automation Laboratory JaeDuk Han +82-2-2220-2353
TBA Jungwook Choi +82-2-2220-2352
Microwave Engineering Laboratory Hyeongdong Kim +82-2-2220-0373
Microwave Integrated Circuit & Antenna Laboratory Tae-Yeoul Yun +82-2-2298-0371
Applied Electromagnetic Technology Laboratory Kyung-Young Jung +82-2-2220-2320
Anennas & RF Devices Laboratory Jaehoon Choi +82-2-2220-0376

Foreign Faculty

Research Area Professor Contact E-mail
Communication and Signal Processing David Phillip Wagner +82-2-2220-2324
Communication and Signal Processing IGBAFE ORIKUMHI -