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Sun-Woo Kim Professor
  • Subjects
    Undergraduate : Probability &Random Variables, Random
    Process, Digital communication, Communication Systems
    Graduate : Random Process, Digital communication, Mobile
  • Education
    Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
  • Career
    2012 ~ Present Associate professor, Hanyang University
    2008 ~ 2012 Assistant professor, Hanyang University
    2005 ~ 2008 Full-time lecturer, Hanyang University

Wireless Systems Laboratory

1. Signal Processing for Wireless Communications
- Channel estimation and detection
- Massive MIMO signal processing
- Acoustic communication signal processing
- Adaptive signal processing algorithms
2. Wireless Positioning Systems
- GNSS(Global navigation satellite system) receiver design
- Range-free localization systems
- Range-based localization systems
- Indoor/outdoor seamless positioning systems
3. Joint Wireless Positioning and Communication Framework
- Joint optimization for positioning and channel estimation
- Location-based beam steering and optimization
- Capacity analysis of location-based positioning system
4. Standardization of 3GPP

- Small-cell/D2D/3D-beamforming

Signal processing for wireless communications, Wireless
positioning systems, Estimation&detection, GNSS